The list of services offered by the Studio is divided into different thematic areas, as follows:

Surveying and Representation

  • Survey and adjustment of 3D geodetic networks
  • Survey of buildings and infrastructures: realization of plans, prospects and sections
  • Survey and 3D modelling of Cultural Heritage
  • Detection and mapping of Cultural Heritage decay
  • Setting out buildings, infrastructures and urban housing developments
  • Dimensional and geometrical verifications


  • High-precision digital leveling for the control of subsidence of the foundations of buildings and infrastructures
  • Continuous and periodic detection of displacements and deformations of buildings and infrastructures under construction (static and load tests) or caused by external factors
  • Control of landslide slopes, periodic verification and volume calculation of quarries and landfills
  • Sampling water for pollution monitoring (hydrone)

Reverse Modeling

  • 3D acquisition of maquette, industrial products and crafts
  • 3D polygonal modeling for geometric analysis and 3D printing
  • 3D reconstruction of mathematical surfaces for project purposes
  • Analysis of deformations and symmetries

UAV survey

  • Aerial photogrammetric survey
  • Creation of video sequences for documentation aim and advertising purposes
  • Indoor and outdoor video inspections, with particular reference to roof structures

3D Modeling and Rendering

  • 3D modeling of buildings or reality-based environments
  • Virtual reconstruction of lost architectures
  • Rendering of internal and external environments

Special applications

  • • Survey of structural collapses and fire damages for insurance purposes
  • Survey of crop for quantification and documentation of damages in agriculture for insurance purposes (precision farming)
  • Industrial survey and environmental monitoring in confined area
  • Reconstruction of road crashes or crime scenes based on direct measurements, surveillance footages or other data available


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